Beckah Amani

Passionate & inspirational Gold Coast folk, pop, soul, r&b singer/songwriter

Beckah Amani is an independent singer\songwriter from Gold Coast Australia. Beckah’s music style draws influences from soul, pop, alternative folk and R ‘n’ B. She aims to deliver a sound that captures the key sensibilities from these genres. Beckah’s latest “Standards” is available on all major platforms now!!!

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Following up from her recent soul-pop single, “Mess You Up”, Gold Coast soulful independent singer-songwriter Beckah Amani takes a pause in the production of her upcoming LP “Settling Scores” to release a thought provoking track: “Standards”. Written at the height of the recent BLM protests, Beckah Amani continues an important conversation on racism and her experience growing up an immigrant kid in “Standards” which will be released on the 1st of September. Blending the best of folk, soul and RnB, Beckah in “Standards” reflects on colourism, white privilege and growing up black in a white society as an immigrant kid. “Standards” explores how POC often in white spaces have had to lower their standards by changing their personality, denying themselves of expressing part of their heritage and culture to meet the expectations set by white people in those spaces to make them comfortable, so that they are approachable, can make friends and often have opportunities. The lyrics hinge on the weight of baring black skin, looking different and coming from a different place.

In this song, Beckah encourages POC to no longer lower their standards, to fight for their right to be seen as equal and to be unapologetic about expressing who they are. If you have not had the pleasure yet, Beckah has spent the last two years crafting deeply rich gems on the Gold Coast with a voice that carries generations and vulnerable songwriting that cuts deep. For Beckah, style is more of a playground for symbolism. Where her contemporaries would opt to contain meaning within the walls of genre,
Beckah purposefully breaks down every wall surrounding her allowing her to explore every possible avenue for sonic nuance. She melts the best parts of soul, pop, RnB and alt-folk and merries this with rich lyrics to create
deep, multi layered and thought provoking songs which Happy Mag has described as “utterly addictive”. In “Standards”, you can expect the same musical complexities with formidable sensitive lyrics that will encourage
you to reflect and ponder about racism and how it still gravely affects POC around the world today. “Standards” will be released on the 1st of September.

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