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Kitty Rae

Energetic & enthusiastic Melbourne indie/pop singer/songwriter

Taking aspects of pop, R&B and folk music, Kitty Rae shares uplifting, feel-good messages whilst also engaging in the complicated emotions of what it feels like to be human.  Kitty combines her sultry vocals,  with groovy beats and meaningful lyrics. “Rich” is the Kitty’s debut single and is out now!

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In the midst of this crazy year, emerging dark pop artist Kitty Rae has just released her attitude driven, feel-good debut single ‘Rich’.
A bubbly burst of pop with a deep, R&B groove in the vein of Charli XCX or Lorde, ‘Rich’ celebrates the simple things in life and is all about doing our best with the hand we’ve been dealt. We might not have money, but we have each other and we should do our best to be grateful for what we have. Don’t take life for granted. Recorded and produced in her living room, ‘Rich’ is the first of Kitty Rae’s releases in 2020, leading up to her debut EP due out in November.

Kitty Rae says the track was inspired by her “copious reading of personal development books.” “The more I learn about myself and the world around me, the more I realise that I am the one in control of my life. We’re all dealt different cards, and though some of us don’t come from a lot of money and may have had troubled childhoods – you’re only one moment away from changing your life. It all starts with your mindset.” “That’s what ‘Rich’ is to me – it’s a song that has helped me realise that even though I’m not rich, if I work hard I can achieve anything. Cheesy, but it’s true!” “Rich” available on iTunes & Spotify and all other major platforms now!!!

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